Market Building Constructed

There is internationally accepted classification of office buildings, similar to the classification of hotels. All types of office space divided into three classes: A – Elite Business – complexes. B – Small and comfortable Business – complexes. C – Office space with a limited set of services. Within each class of isolated subclasses, eg A-or B + in order to show some of the benefits or non-level office building “Their” class. However, even real estate agents, realtors Tashkent details do not stretch out. They talk about the five major segments of the commercial real estate the city: – Large business – plants – Purpose-built office building small size; – Private house (houses) that have been repaired or reconstructed for use as an office, first-floor apartment buildings, mostly to the “bank” (Gabusy) site in the buildings constructed before 1991. Business – complexes, according to international standards the same level as a class A, not so much, but they are still there. These buildings are not only covered or underground parking, security, cafes and restaurants, but with modern heating and air conditioning, high speed Internet access and telephone system, autonomous power supply.

The general opinion of Realtors, the best office building in Tashkent is considered Building Inter-bank financial services center, located near the station. Metro Bunyodkor. Offices in him remove large foreign companies and representative offices of international organizations. Despite the high level of rent fee ($ 450 per square meter per year), no available spaces. Very high level of services provided in office buildings, located on the avenue and street Afrosiab Aibek not motivated by the metro stations “Aibek” (which refer to the city center). Rents here can reach up to $ 400 per square meter per year. Nevertheless, such facilities are in demand. For example, in the building of Yuman Group is not only everything you need for work, but Bowling Club (City bowling), which is not in any office building in Tashkent, despite the high level of service cost on average $ 200 per year, which is very low for such a building of this class. In the years of independence in Tashkent constructed many buildings, specifically targeted for delivery to offices. Their area – from 1 to 10 thousand square meters, located on the attached parking lot. Level of services and facilities management complies imposed on business – the center, although the infrastructure is not so large as in large complexes. It’s two and three storey buildings are often built rich organizations for their own needs, but then handed over or sold to another owner. Since the level of comfort in them is high enough, and the price can be substantial – on average $ 150 per square meter, while in the central part of the city reach up to $ 400.