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Overview of the global commodity economy. M. Arda … of the commodity situation, several other factors in the economy …
Agriculture is the mainstay of the economy piedecuestana. Due to the variety of topography and hence the thermal floors, there is diversity of products. Expert on growth strategy has many thoughts on the issue. Its topographical features with high parts, which grows corn, peas, wheat, onions, vegetables, arracacha, various grasses, vegetables and some fruit. Bottom-rich sugar cane, corn, real estate banana and snuff. In the temperate cultivated cassava, tomatoes, sugar cane and snuff. The commodity economy piedecuestana are sugar cane and snuff.
Sugarcane: The majority of sugarcane sighline acquisition are found in alluvial soils, slightly argillaceous. The seeding system is to prepare the ground can be plowed with a tractor or a few days and was the head of sugarcane planting, slightly inclined, whose GCA size is 25 inches long. At four or five months of chemical fertilizer gets planted, water must not fail, as did the weeding. Within fifteen months the channel is ready to grind. One hectare cash access provider of fertilized land produces 120 to 160 loads of sugar.
Snuff: The crop is located in the fertile valley of the Rio de Oro “The climate and terrain are suitable for this crop. It also requires selection of seeds, fertilizers and land preparation. retired, in 2007, from Pests that are attacking snuff ‘Bayo’ and ‘pulgon’, which destroys the roots and leaves of plants, being necessary to attack them quickly with insecticides.
The industry is based Global Cash Access Holdings on the following items:
Manufacture of cigarettes and tobacco.
Manufacture of panels.
Fique industry.
Pottery industry.
Food Industry.
Leather Industry
Major producer of arrears
Studies have shown the existence of: limestone, fluorite, lead, mercury and granite, not exploited. The only minerals that have been exploited but are minimal in the limestone and clay.

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