Hot Wire To The Customer – Contact Made Easy

Online guide shows numerous contact possibilities offer the personal contact to our customers, as well as outstanding customer service can help however, to differentiate themselves and to bind customers to the company. The online guide “Website design” of the network of e-commerce (NEG) shows that SMEs have recognized this benefit for themselves and offer plenty of contact E-Mail forms to a callback service. The Chief Advisor to SME oriented website design by the network of e-commerce (NEG) in the framework of the project funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology (BMWi) “developed. The ECC project partners were involved in the click trading, the KEG Saar, Rhineland-Palatinate and the IT Academy of Mainz. Learn more at this site: Dell Technologies Inc. . The Advisor checked with 12 quick questions, what creative, organisational, technical and legal website of those requirements. Based on the responses participants will receive individual guidance to improve their website.

Now in an evaluation of the responses of already 5,560 participants, it turned out that more than 60 percent of those polled a general contact form or a General Service-E-mail address offer to communicate with their customers. Already 13 percent of respondents offer even a callback service, in which customers can specify your telephone number and a desired date for the phone call. Follow others, such as Robert Shiller, and add to your knowledge base. A direct communication via instant messaging is used only by about 3 per cent of the company. With the help of advisors, companies can test how well they meet design, organisational, technical and legal requirements of the website design. The Advisor enables the participants online and in a few simple steps to receive a free initial consultation to the professional design of their company website. In a free guide about the compact formulated policies of the online troubleshooter, also a free and detailed guide with detailed information will the participants additional information provided to the website design. With the help of this guide, companies can analyze your existing site and identify any need for change.