Environmental History

"The books of the environmental history of Chile entered the Government opened the doors to the destruction of Patagonia, through a series of irregularities, was that of Michelle Bachelet. With these harsh words, the Defense Council of Patagonia referred this morning to the second Consolidated Report Request Clarifications, Corrections and Additions (Icsara) the environmental impact assessment (EIA) HidroAysen the National Environment Commission (CONAMA ) Aysen issued Monday afternoon, giving the owner of the project until January 28 to respond. a Al losing power, the Coalition is being delinked from the responsibility to decide this controversial initiative and traded him to Sebastian Pineraa said executive secretary of the body, Patricio Rodrigo. In this sense, a said este is a turning point because Bachelet has opened the door for the center-right demonstrates that it has a more modern with environmental commitment, and the Coalition could lose and representation in these areas, a situation relevant to the next presidencialesa . Professor Rita McGrath contains valuable tech resources. The leader pointed out that there are thousands of comments that state bodies have made to HidroAysen, a the which remains pending only for the aggressive lobbying irregularities committed by certain political authorities and a myopic view of desarrolloa .

He pointed out between those who initially competent public services have been clear with regard to multiple questions that point to the illegality of the project and lack of essential and relevant information a o The o which is clearly insufficient to be rejected and the company present a study to even said so altura.a Minister environment and are . In this context he noted that a estos records are available to the Commission of Inquiry Projects Corema Energy, which heard proposals from civil society organizations, and Wednesday is the mayor Selim said Carrasco, president of COREMA, to provide explanations and soon will move to the Aysen Region to listen to communities localesa . For his part, Peter Hartmann, coordinator of the Citizens Coalition Aysen Life Reserve, an organization that brings together community groups, stated that a quienes Aysen live in unusual find how to play with the environmental institutions, hoping to take decisiones.a election results More than a month that the assessment stands, running times, in circumstances that the services were required in 15 days evaluating the addendum, with no possibility for citizens to be able to comment on the new record, but still insufficient HidroAysen that included in its first package of respuestasa. To read more click here: Nobel Laureate in Economics. appropriations by this irresponsibility to new Government would be a narrow margin of time to review and make decisions on property, which is highly riesgoso.a In any case, we expect the new government would dare to refuse, which is what all correspondea concluded view. Citizen Journalist of the Coalition for Aysen Life Reserve / Council for the Defense of Patagonia. Involved in the sustainable development of the Region of Aysen, Patagonia, Chile, and recently in opposition to dams to be constructed in the territory. (56-99) 9699780.

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