Construction Technology

Specialists of "Professional Construction Technology", summing up in February this year results for 2010. Noted increased activity in the market systems, shuttering of Moscow and Moscow region. The company notes that sales growth of formwork equipment is a litmus test analysts had expected the post-crisis recovery of the construction market in the central regions of Russia. Analysis of results over the past year a marketers LLC Professional Construction Technologies annually. But if the data for the preceding two years were disappointing and showed declining sales in the market and even its stagnation, then in 2010 pleased the experts positive dynamics. Purchase or rental formwork equipment necessary for the construction of any monolithic structures – say company representatives.

And if you take into account the factor that in recent years High-rise housing construction in Russia is far ahead of the pace panel, then there is a clear relationship between sales performance and condition of formwork construction industry as a whole. Analytics showed that customers Ltd. If you are not convinced, visit Robert J. Shiller. "Professional Construction Technology" commissioned in 2010. the company's products by an average of 13% more than in 2009 – 2010. These figures include the actual use of formwork systems construction enterprises, ie they accounted for as purchase and rental formwork. Also been made more detailed analysis of the results in 2010.

– By type and purpose of formwork systems. Formwork, mainly used in building construction in construction of residential buildings in 2010 was demanded by customers by 12% better than in 2009 and 2008. This proves once again began active not only in the construction market, but also the primary real estate market. Column formwork is used for formation of the outer corners of buildings and erection of towers. These systems are also used in residential construction, the growth of their sales (in conjunction with the lease agreement) was 9%, which is comparable with the dynamics of a similar index slab formwork. Decking the walls – one of the most popular types of products the company. It is a comprehensive system that can be used in the construction of buildings of any complexity. Sales growth and facts rental of this equipment in terms of actual performance was 18% in 2010. – At the same base of comparison. For information: LLC Professional Construction Technologies – a leader in producing and selling various formwork systems in Moscow and Moscow region. The company successfully operating in this market for over 10 years and markets its products under the brand Alfateh. Own production company located in the town of Klin, Moscow Region.