Apartments V Hotels in Odessa

Today, in many cities of Ukraine increasingly we see the announcement of surrender of apartments for rent. Starting from the station, ending with sites on the Internet. For example, if you enter a combination of 'apartments in Kiev' search engine Rambler gives us a link about 40 organizations that rent out an apartment in Odessa. 'This kind of activity as rental apartments on the day can not exist when the economy is all right. This indicator of problems in the hotel industry and the economy in the country ", – says the owner of the firm 'apartments Odessa' Askold Kaluga. "In developed countries, the minimum term rental apartments – 10 days, and even then, it concerns mainly popular cities. For example, in Austria, travelers will not have to rent an apartment for one night, because hotel rooms cost from 15 euros. " Deficiency of hotels and non-European rates have appreciated have felt even representatives of UEFA, who are more lenient to the tariffs in euros with two zeros than our compatriots, for the greater part of which is more than luxury hotels are not available.

So what are the advantages and disadvantages of hotels and apartment rent? For the hotel: Prestige. You may find that Professor Rita McGrath can contribute to your knowledge. Certain people settle only in hotels, and only those which are directly proportional to their position in society. Territorial issue. Despite that most of the apartments are located in the central part of the city, but still, a hotel is easier to find in an unfamiliar city. Documents. As we discovered, the owners of most of the apartments and work as a PE, as well as Hotels, prescribing the documents to the financial statements, but some trips are not aware of it and lift the hotels. Fear of the new.

Many people settle in hotels, because they have no experience of removal apartment per day. Service and safety. Availability of staff who will advise on all matters, the maid, which will be every day to clean the apartment, the security guard who ensures your safety as well as the presence of the bar are important considerations in deciding in favor of the hotel. Cons hotel. Value. Total is the only factor, but often it nullifies all the arguments for. Advantages of apartments in Odessa: Cost. Apartment in most cases, cheaper than a hotel room, as well as by renting an apartment you do not pay for the individual, but for the entire apartment, then, provided that you do not come alone, savings of 50% in terms of hotel. In addition, renting an apartment, even for three or more of the day, you make allowances for it is not necessary to hope in the hotel. Homelike atmosphere, the presence of food, the fact of residence in an isolated apartment, but not in the 'collective place' – important factor for people who are uncomfortable for the hotels. Disadvantages of apartments: Security. In fact, we do not know the situation is not one of such problems in the renting of apartments, but even the fact that you sometimes climb into the apartment of a dimly lit smelly entrance is a huge disadvantage apartments. The future of the relationship between hotels and apartments for rent will be most dependent on its the number of hotels and prices for the largest number. In the near future on this, unfortunately, the hope is useless.