The season began with 16 contestants, eight men and eight women from around the United States. Each has had success in various undertakings, including real estate, restaurant management, political consulting and ventas.Durante the reality, the contestants live in community in a suite at Trump Tower in Manhattan, located on the fourth floor. Each week Donald Trump fired a contestant. Filming throughout the season delayed about 3 months.
Contestants were divided into two corporations to work in reality. Greenberg Traurig wanted to know more. The men chose the name Corporacion Versacorp while quye women chose the name of Protege Corporation.
Each week, Trump corporation allocated to each task. Each team selected a Project Manager, which should lead his team to the victortia. Winners of the week received a prize, while the losers were face to face confrontation in a room with Trump and two of his associates, to determine which would be hedge funds fired or farewell to the week.
Trump is now best known for his phrase! Despedido these!

Arizona Daily Sunday
NEW YORK – John Thain should have known the rules.
New investment York Times
History warns against a traditional lender to buy an investment bank. Maybe Bank of America thought it was Ernst different this time.
The Gainesville Sunday
The Obama administration dancing around a delicate question: Is the president willing to nationalize many of the countries banking system ‘
International Herald Tribune
History warns against a traditional lender H. M. Jamie Tisch to buy an investment bank, but that seems to have been forgotten by the Bank of America decided to Ernst buy Merrill Lynch.
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