Selecting Environmentally Safe Housing Estate

In many European capitals ecological situation is much better than in Moscow. In the vast majority of large cities harmful enterprise withdrawn out of the city, subject to strict requirements for transport. In Europe, most high cost of parking is a deterrent. For example, in London an hour parking costs five pounds. And Moscow is currently choking primarily because of the number of cars. Hear other arguments on the topic with The LeFrak Organization. Historically, that West is relatively prosperous. Therefore, the company developer suburbs Slavrielt newly elected to the west of Moscow and Moscow region a priority for the construction of its .Tak all the industrial zone built to the east of Moscow. Borisovskie ponds – a place where the dirt is carried away from the whole territory of the capital, and here the highest percentage of people with asthma.

However, the welfare of any district can not guarantee anything. If you live windows on the highway , ecology there is no better. Recently, the situation is improving with the industry, what impact the high cost of land in Moscow. Industrial enterprises slowly vented outside capital, but this process will take more than a dozen years. The main problem in the city – is transportation. The share of road transport accounts for about 80% of the total contamination of about 12 – 15% – in enterprises and the rest – for household waste. The closer your housing to the sources of emissions, the less favorable situation there. Is there another way to breathe in her apartment relatively clean air – to buy a new flat on the floor higher.

Lead compounds by air currents practically do not rise above fifteen meters, which corresponds to the sixth floor. And even at 10 – 12 floor, their concentration decreases tenfold. However, if the house is in a valley, the floors are not saved. The background radiation in Moscow as a whole fit into the norm. Although there are areas of excess radiation that are associated with the accumulation of transport and industrial enterprises. According to experts, in the Moscow area, fully complies with all health and environmental standards, no. The most favorable ecological situation in the west, southwest and north-west of Moscow. This Krylatskoye, Bitza, Silver Bor. When buying a home buyer should pay attention to the state of a side window frame. If there is clearly visible layer of soot and fumes – a bad sign. With regard to other kinds of pollution should be familiar with the environmental card, which clearly shows the extent of soil contamination and background radiation. It is worth paying attention to the presence of large water pipes and heating pipes. When the flow of water from these lines is the rise of groundwater. Because of this increased humidity in the ground, up to one meter, the air layer, which in turn adversely affects the respiratory system of small children. " In addition to studying the environmental card is to ask local residents how they felt. But the radical solution of course – new housing in the suburbs.

Minimalism In Interior Design

If you're tired of the loaded furniture space, if you get multiple partitions in the apartment, and souvenir stuff on the shelves instead of pleasant memories cause a dull irritation due to the need deal with the dust – you are ripe for a minimalist style. This style is an extension of constructivism, which is at the forefront puts the feasibility and utility. In times of birth of minimalism (the beginning of the twentieth century), this style was dictated not so much a fashion as a social necessity. Europe came to minimalism later (60 – years of the twentieth century), satiated with lurid pomp and splendor of traditional interiors. The Company appealed to the simple colors and shapes – the rich light, minimalist interiors, where every thing is important and functional and is strictly reserved to her place.

This style is freedom from unnecessary things dark in which so loves collected rubbish. Minimalism in its various forms comes into fashion periodically. Actually, it is not surprising that at some point, society is tired of fanciful forms and begins to strive for simplicity and clarity that are so much in the style of minimalism. Latest incarnation of a style associated with the growing fashion for the organization of space according to the laws of Feng Shui, according to which we are cluttering housing covers for light positive energy. The main objective of textiles in the style of minimalism – the zoning of the room. Often this wall of translucent fabric panels and curtains.