Property Prices

After a sharp decline in business activity level buyers in the property market in late 2008 against the backdrop of the global economic crisis and the uncertainty of demand during the first three quarters of 2009 in late 2009 there has been a positive trend of transactions of sale of objects, both residential and commercial real estate. In response to growing consumer activity, many industry experts are inclined to predict start a new hype in the property market, which has already reached its bottom price, and because of that inevitable rise in prices, primarily for housing. However, not all experts hold that view. According to some analysts, the recovery of real estate market may emerge not so well under the influence of these factors. Logic, which can be characterized as "sellers have been more patient buyers, based on the belief that consumers, thinking that the market price has reached its bottom, began to acquire real property, thereby realizing the pent-up demand, only partially true. In assessing market dynamics should be consider the fact that most of the transactions carried out on the secondary market, a feature which is the length of time for up to two to three months. Thus to say that in December 2009 – the beginning of a new boom is not true. More correctly viewed as a consequence of this rise is the buyer's decision to acquire property on the prevailing and stabilized at this point prices. Simultaneously with the decision of buyers vendors have also come to the conclusion that the sale of its facilities on current prices, and on the background of this understanding the number of recorded transactions started to increase.

“Commercial” In The Wake Of The Crisis Year Of 2010-2011 .

The foreign press writes about the beginning of the first wave of “housing” crisis and the realities of today in “real estate” 2010-2011 year. Author of the article Foreclosure lawyer wrote that the first wave of the crisis started because of the “housing” market U.S. real estate. When the cost of apartments began to fall sharply on accelerating the background of the borrower’s failure to pay the bank on its obligations. The second wave of crisis may start because of “commercial property”. Since the end of boom, “real estate” market “real estate” also appeared in the center of the crisis, heated concessional loans and players of investment funds, the cost of commercial real estate has increased several times. Thousands of commercial real estate transactions were bought at the peak of the crisis, the calculation was made with borrowed funds from the bank. During this time, revenues from the profit was sufficient to cover debt and operating costs. But now, companies are tightening their belts, unemployment rises, consumers will not spend money on goods, services and travel. Profit in the market “real estate” for these reasons fall. This scenario raises owners in an extremely difficult position, since the cost of credit rising, and rental income is falling. Most owners of commercial real estate, taken in 2008, a loan repayment period two to three years.

“Commercial property “after the first wave of the crisis considerably lost its initial income. Weakened financial condition of the property owner affected by the current situation. If you analyze the history of the credit market, over the past 60 years, many owners of commercial property, considering – it’s an economic ‘Armageddon’. With the tightening of credit and loans combined poor financial condition of the borrower, banks are calling for repayment of borrowed funds. When the bank calls the borrower to return in time, it turns out that money to return to the creditor no. A receipt of new funding is not a viable option for the same reason. Current creditor can not re credited. If nothing is done, many owners may face personal bankruptcy. Many investors’ commercial real estate “is currently looking for ways to non-payment of loan which implies that the natural destruction of the bank gave a loan. There is an option that the owner of commercial real estate has not paid on the loan. Option is to restructure the debt at the expense of Chapter 11 reorganization in bankruptcy. This is the most effective tool, subject to certain concepts. If Chapter 11 is not an option for the owner, then the judicial recovery becomes the next option for the owner “Real estate”. A property owner may waive the requirements of the bank. These requirements are similar to those used for “housing” punishment. Just as the owner “real estate” “Commercial owner starts to realize that there are options and take legal action to protect their property rights and investments. Summed up becoming obvious why shaken banking system in the first round of crisis. And since the first wave of the crisis on “real estate” was held, taking over the ruin of a well-known banks. It can be assumed that because of the time factor, the calculation of the loan 2 3goda and loopholes in U.S. legislation on the horizon second round of the crisis “real estate”. Material prepared by: Andrei Mamontov.

Paphos International Airport

According to the statistics (this is said the British, Germans, Belgians, lyuksemburtsy), Paphos ranks first among tourists. In the suburbs of Paphos International Airport in Cyprus. Direct flights from Moscow Domodedovo implemented scheduled flights Transaero. Also in the summer season charter flights are carried out. Paphos is ideal for people who are tired of traffic jams and urban stuffiness. Unlike other cities of Cyprus, you will not find here crowds and hot asphalt You will be amazed quiet of the greenest cities on the island. Pathos – a place where, according to ancient legend, was born Aphrodite – Goddess of love and beauty. Small extraordinarily beautiful city situated on the Mediterranean coast. History of Paphos starts in the iv century bc. It was the capital of Cyprus since the time of Ptolemy to the Byzantine period. In the Paphos and its environs are lots of monuments. His historic sites were recorded in the unesco World Cultural Heritage by unesco. Many ancient sites can be visited in the Paphos region. Nearby picturesque villages and monasteries are full of ancient history. Pathos lies between the two forests, on the one hand, it reserved the Akamas peninsula, where there is unique flora and fauna, on the other hand, it is the foot of the Troodos Mountains, where pine forests give way to pine. The city itself amazing art: a fishing harbor, the first built with Alexander the Great, narrow streets, cliffs and sandy beaches, clear sea – all against the backdrop of mountains covered with thick pine forests and vineyards.

Market Building Constructed

There is internationally accepted classification of office buildings, similar to the classification of hotels. All types of office space divided into three classes: A – Elite Business – complexes. B – Small and comfortable Business – complexes. C – Office space with a limited set of services. Within each class of isolated subclasses, eg A-or B + in order to show some of the benefits or non-level office building “Their” class. However, even real estate agents, realtors Tashkent details do not stretch out. They talk about the five major segments of the commercial real estate the city: – Large business – plants – Purpose-built office building small size; – Private house (houses) that have been repaired or reconstructed for use as an office, first-floor apartment buildings, mostly to the “bank” (Gabusy) site in the buildings constructed before 1991. Business – complexes, according to international standards the same level as a class A, not so much, but they are still there. These buildings are not only covered or underground parking, security, cafes and restaurants, but with modern heating and air conditioning, high speed Internet access and telephone system, autonomous power supply.

The general opinion of Realtors, the best office building in Tashkent is considered Building Inter-bank financial services center, located near the station. Metro Bunyodkor. Offices in him remove large foreign companies and representative offices of international organizations. Despite the high level of rent fee ($ 450 per square meter per year), no available spaces. Very high level of services provided in office buildings, located on the avenue and street Afrosiab Aibek not motivated by the metro stations “Aibek” (which refer to the city center). Rents here can reach up to $ 400 per square meter per year. Nevertheless, such facilities are in demand. For example, in the building of Yuman Group is not only everything you need for work, but Bowling Club (City bowling), which is not in any office building in Tashkent, despite the high level of service cost on average $ 200 per year, which is very low for such a building of this class. In the years of independence in Tashkent constructed many buildings, specifically targeted for delivery to offices. Their area – from 1 to 10 thousand square meters, located on the attached parking lot. Level of services and facilities management complies imposed on business – the center, although the infrastructure is not so large as in large complexes. It’s two and three storey buildings are often built rich organizations for their own needs, but then handed over or sold to another owner. Since the level of comfort in them is high enough, and the price can be substantial – on average $ 150 per square meter, while in the central part of the city reach up to $ 400.

Needed Construction Laboratory

According to the World Health Organization, in the usual inner-city apartments in the air 4-6 times dirtier than the streets. This situation is associated with the use of substandard construction and finishing materials, as well as furniture. The experts are seriously concerned about environmental issues of contemporary homes. The man spends most of his time indoors, but sometimes even the native walls can pose a serious threat to the wellbeing of people. Using quality raw materials can be extremely detrimental to the health of consumers. About 35% of detected defects and damages are due to the use of infringing materials, products and designs. On Today, building market is full of variety. Some products are made from natural raw materials, others – from the artificial.

To determine an environmentally friendly finishing material of counterfeits is extremely difficult. In this case, without a highly qualified special inspection can not do! Environmental assessment of construction materials allows you to identify all of the presented range of the products that are indeed safe for human life. If you want to build a truly clean house, should adhere to certain rules. First of all, you need to radiological examination of construction materials (brick and mortar). The composition of products that have unusual properties typically include special supplements (such as admixture for concrete). It is due to the chemical additive material is superelastic, dries quickly. After all construction work required to conduct environmental review facilities and to eliminate contamination is detected. A comprehensive examination of materials – a series of special events: measurement of radiation, electromagnetic radiation, microbiological and chemical analysis of air. As a result of this procedure to identify possible sources of contamination and recommendations for their elimination, review the compliance obtained by measurements and analysis with the standards of the Russian Federation and the eu.